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the backwoods chapel


A wilderness sanctuary for women who love the truth and live gentle & wild upon the earth.

Hello and welcome.

Take off your shoes. Go ahead. The place where you stand is holy ground. 

Imagine the quiet hush of dusk, with candles in the windows and the last sigh of day falling through the trees just so. There's no glamour or pretension here. Just depth and love and realness. 

I've created this rustic backwoods chapel for women who may or may not show up in a pew on Sundays, but long for deeper connection with the living God. Here, learn of grace and the Messiah. Immerse in the nourishing well of Scripture. Here, receive the Spirit. Here, deepen into the presence that comes only when we dwell in the shadow of the Most High. Here, be other-worldly: a woman of the Word and not the world.

The Backwoods Chapel is a space to rest, but it is not a place to sleep. This is not a hip new wild-woman movement or a soothing lullaby of a journey. In many ways it is nourishing, but the nourishment comes by foraging deep in the forest of truth, as it is given in Scripture and revealed to us by the Holy Spirit. Like the wildwood land we meet on, it is quite feral and sacrificing. It is for those with the humility, willingness and commitment to make Spirit-led adjustments to their theology, life, and heart instead of forcing Scripture to fit their beliefs or contemporary culture. It is for those who are desperate and longing to partake in the wildness of God more than in keeping their own reputation, acceptance or comfort.

*Chapel gatherings & messages officially begin January 1, 2018.

The Backwoods Chapel
barefoot theology in the quiet wild

Connect & receive weekly sustenance for daily, Spirit-filled living...

The Backwoods Chapel offers humble guidance for living in the world as a creative woman—an artist, entrepreneur, salt-of-the-earth mama, a deepwater soul—while knowing this world is not our home. About living light on the earth while also making a lasting and meaningful difference to those we are called to love.


Expect simple messages, conversations, and Scriptural studies on topics like the fear and goodness of God, abundance, money, the gospel, purpose, gratefulness, tender mercies, humility and success, grace & sanctification, walking in the Spirit, serving the Lord, enjoying beauty, appreciating art, or being makers of products while also being detached from temporal things...and much more.

When you join you will receive simple weekly inspirational messages delivered to your inbox—some written, some audio—and an invitation to a cozy, Spirit-filled women's circle on Facebook for ongoing connection.

The Holy Wild Woman Collective

Freely given. For reverent conversations & encouragement for a beautiful, Spirit-filled life. The gathering space in the Hinterland.

Enter the chapel to receive your invitation to join a quiet community of holy wild women and simple weekly inspirational messages delivered to your inbox. Given freely.

Deepen into the presence of God.

*Chapel gatherings & messages officially begin January 1, 2018.

Meet your barefoot theologian

I have been a believer for over thirty years. I do not have formal spiritual training, but trust the one who dwells within me. (1 Jn. 2:20-27) I am not affiliated with any particular denomination or religious movement. Hinterland—The Backwoods Chapel is online only (you won't find it on a map), but I hope you come and are deepened, awakened, and woven whole.




Synonyms: the wild, borderland, forest, wilderness, backwoods

1. German: literally, hinder land, i.e., land behind. The remote or less developed parts of a country; back country. 2. An area lying beyond what is visible or known.

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