Labyrinth—a life-changing 30-day journey

Labyrinth—a life-changing 30-day journey

from 697.00

Option 1: $697

Four 60-minute sessions in thirty days for a “make it happen” month.

Option 2: $997

For powerful accountability, this Labyrinth session includes two 60-minute calls (one at the beginning, one at the end) with daily (M-F) morning check-ins* between sessions for additional support.

What could YOU accomplish in the next 30 days? 

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*This is also a community feature in my monthly membership program for women.

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OPTION 1: $697

This is designed to support you through actually making it happen—getting your business launched, really working through that fear, creating a new family routine, or whatever you need weekly encouragement and guidance around. First, you'll receive a series of beautiful, heart-opening questions. Then we will meet once a week for four weeks for a powerful 60-minute conversation where you'll receive intuitive guidance, creative assignments, brainstorming sessions and more within a compassionate space of warmth and love. Please note: all sessions must be completed within 30 days.

OPTION 2: $997

I'll call you every day! This laser-focused, daily support 30-day journey is perfect for those who yearn for accountability while doing self-guided work on a very specific issue or project. We will begin with a 60-minute connection call to set your intention & clarify your vision for the following thirty days. Then we will connect every weekday morning (M-F CST) for about 10 minutes to set your intention for the day and go over your daily goals. In the evening, send me a short emailed recap of your celebrations, your ahas, and what needs deeper attention. This email will guide our call for the following morning. We will conclude with another sixty-minute call to review, celebrate and close the month. Note: so we can stay focused, please keep our daily connection calls limited to the immediate topic. If you find that you need additional support & guidance, you are welcome to schedule client-only hours so we can dive deeper into what you need. Note: missed calls cannot be reimbursed or made up at other times. These sessions and check-ins are a daily commitment to yourself and an investment in the future of your health, your home, or your business.

What could YOU accomplish in the next 30 days?