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Experience deep relief, guidance & direction in this powerful 60-minute session.

Whatever you need right now, let me be a soft place to land. Come into my gypsy caravan. It's a little creaky, but it's safe and warm. I'll light a fire, make the coffee, stir the soup, light the incense, and prop you up with pillows. And then we'll dive in... 

Before we connect the first time, you will receive a series of beautiful, heart-opening questions that get to the soul of you & what you want to explore, begin, create, become, heal, discover, complete, overcome, or achieve.

Then we will set up a time to meet on the phone for a revolutionary conversation. I will be actively asking and listening with my whole being. Together, we will brainstorm and create important strategies that provide relief, clarity and direction for your next steps so you can see and enjoy immediate results. By the end of our call you will feel lighter & braver, renewed and inspired.

You will receive a recording of our call in a follow-up email.


1) One 60-minute session (select as many as you like)

2) Four 60-minute sessions to be completed within 30 days for a make-it-happen month

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