Hillary Rain
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The Tenderness of Being Human

hillary rain, artist & listener

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Barefoot theologian. Artist & listener. For you.

Hello & welcome. I'm Hillary. I offer spiritual direction and holistic support for living wise and well. Let's walk together for a bit.

I believe the world needs...

Less glamour. More beauty.
Less stuff + more generosity.

This is a quiet space of presence, soul and solace. Yet it is not quiet at all. My words have weight and heart and thunderous curiosity. I write of ancient tenderness and liminal tremblings. Of hunger and want. Of scripture, salvation and hope. 


I believe the world needs...

Loving truth tellers
and gentle heart holders.

Let me tell you something. It's not too late for miracles. For doing exactly what you can today and knowing that this, even this tiny little bit, is holy.

Let's take those tiny little bits and plant them like seeds in a field of dark and wild faith. And then, let's water and tend to them, so they can become a whole forest of living things: nurturing, sheltering, medicinal.

Sound good?


For women who crave
gentle guidance & support for living wise and well


I believe the world needs...

Less self-preservation.
More brave vulnerability. More feeling. More evocative truth.

I co-create emotional portraits of women, families, and gorgeous imperfect lives. In other words, courage and tenderness.

Behold the quiet light
Hillary Rain Photography