...who would you become?

What would you create? How would your life feel? What could you accomplish? What would you do differently now?



Whatever you want to heal, create, stop doing, begin or achieve, you don't have to figure it out alone.

With the right support, you can change your life in 30 days. Imagine what could happen in six months.

Or a year.


Easeful. Luscious. Joyfully fulfilling. 

That's what I want my work, my body, my dollars, my art, my interactions with others—ok, my whole life—to be.

✦ Easeful—not as in “easy” necessarily, because the most important things rarely are. But easeful as in being rooted in the natural, organic flow of continuing precisely where God wants me. Of moving in graceful, creative rhythms. Of not forcing things to happen, but doing the work, lifting a prayer, and resting in trust.

✦ Luscious—spacious, abundant and lush. Rejoicing in the blessings I have and generously giving from a rich well of divine wisdom, delicious food, tenderness, mercy, and more. Completely free from scarcity mind, worry over lack, or hoarding beauty or love. Secret: you can't run out of what is infinite. 

✦ Joyfully fulfilling—doing work that is meaningful & makes a true, felt difference for others. Experiencing creative pleasure in my art. Knowing there is always more of anything when I need it. Creating a living legacy that reaches all the way to the Eternal.

What about you?

What do you want your work · body · dollars · art · relationships · home · creative business · food · spirituality · energy · rest · self-care · time to be?

Let's make it happen.

Heal nourish create

Hi! I'm Hillary.

I gently guide women into spacious, meaningful, and sustainable lives.

I do so while sharing my own experiences and stories along the way. I want you to know I'm real, just like you.

Here is my vulnerable brave. I am one who...

✦ is not yet making those magical “six figures,” but lives in true abundance ✦ has yet to own a house, but has gr(own) to love her cozy & quirky apartment  ✦ gained 15 pounds this year ... *silence*  ✦ usually kills her houseplants, but is surprised to learn that the proper amount of water and sunshine does wonders for ivy and souls

Let me tell you something.

You're not too late, blah, menopausal, in debt, lonely, overwhelmed, stuck, fat or whiskery for grace. For miracles. For doing exactly what you can today and learning that this too, even this tiny little bit, is holy.

I want to help you take those tiny little bits and plant them like seeds in a field of dark and wild faith. And then water and tend to them, so they can become a whole forest of living things: nurturing, sheltering, medicinal.

So I made something for you.


Introducing: River

River is a powerful monthly group mentorship program for women who crave gentle guidance & support for living wise and well. 


River comes with 3 different membership tiers to meet your needs. Registration opens December 15 and begins January 1, 2018. 

Registration begins Friday, Dec. 15, 2017.

Doors to this membership circle open January 1, 2018. Enter your name & email address to receive an exclusive invitation and opportunity to join at these introductory rates! Compare plans below.

Prices will increase on Jan. 1, but as long as you sign up by December 31, 2017 you are locked into the introductory rate of the plan you choose for the life of your membership. 

Membership plans & introductory rates:

Quiet River


Basic $47/mo

  • Features...
  • Monthly group coaching call & replay
  • Monthly DIY coaching resources via email

Wild River


Best Value $97/mo

  • All features of the basic plan, plus...
  • Online community for support & creative projects
  • Access to client-only emergency hours for additional support
  • Personal review of projects or assignments*
Best Value!

VIP: Deep River


VIP $247/mo

  • All features of the basic & best value plans, plus...
  • You & me: A one-on-one monthly 60-minute call ($197 value!)
  • Emergency hours: Exclusive 50% discount for immediate (within 24 hours) support
  • Weekly touch-base support via voice memo
  • Office hours: For quick feedback & guidance, stop in for live chat when I'm open!

You are enough, beloved, and wanted.

Especially here.

Come and immerse. Be nourished. Experience ongoing holistic, spiritual, and creative life support for salt-of-the-earth bohemian dreamers, artists, highly-sensitive introverts, mamas, business mamas, creative entrepreneurs (and those who want to be).

More about these plans and introductory rates...

I have three membership options to suit your needs. Click each section below to learn more...

  • + Quiet River: basic

    • $47/month for introspective DIYers who like to go solo and just need a little extra support. This basic plan features a monthly resource guide and monthly group coaching call (send in your questions!) with a replay if you can't make it live.
  • + Wild River: best value 

    • $97/month includes the basic plan, plus a cozy and supportive online community, daily (M-F) community touch-base check-ins, creative group experiences (a few of the upcoming events planned for 2018 include: “31 days...” on Instagram; ten days off sugar—together; starting a local program or service to give back; decluttering; and more), access to client-only emergency hours, and personal review of creative projects or assignments (* when they are turned in correctly and on time). To participate in the community, social media accounts are required. 

  • + Deep River: VIP 

    • $247/month for full access and serious, tailored support. Receive everything in the other plans, plus a monthly 60-minute private on-on-one call (a $197 value), an exclusive-to-you 50% VIP discount on emergency hours, weekly touch-base support via voice memo (yes, you get my real phone number), and office hours for quick feedback & guidance when open. Because this selection offers full access and I want to give you my best, this plan has limited availability. 

  • + All plans...

    • This membership is subscription based and recurs monthly. You may change plans or cancel at any time. When you upgrade your plan, you will upgrade at the current rate.



Not ready for a membership, but want to work with me? To learn about me & my mentorship practice, or to book a personal session, visit One-on-One: You, the Holy Spirit + Me.

Registration opens December 15. 

Do you have a question that is not answered here?

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Become a River Woman
Receive ongoing guidance, nourishment and support for living wise & well.

The journey begins January 1, 2018.

Registration opens Dec. 15, 2017. Get your private invitation below!