The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.
— Frederick Beuchner

So, listen.

You don't need lose sixty pounds before you're allowed to experience lasting transformation.

You don't have to make six figures before you do compelling, life-altering work.

And it's totally not necessary to throw out all the Tupperware, pour your raw, organic pumpkin seeds into vintage glass jars, and buy dimmable, soft white LED lightbulbs for #kitchengoals on Instagram before you can live a life that is meaningful and beautiful to you.

I mean, you can if you want to. But there is a simpler, more life-giving way! 

Are you starting a work-from-home business? Feeling stagnant in your creativity? Needing spiritual guidance through a season of overwhelm, stuckness, imposter syndrome or shame? More? With the power of the Holy Spirit, and with my loving, compassionate guidance & support, you can—

✦ experience lasting transformation in your heart, mind, body, and home

✦ release & heal pre-existing heart conditions like hurt, fear and shame so you can do compelling, life-altering work

embody the freedom, energy, and permission you need to live a life that is meaningful and beautiful to you

✦ be empowered through holistic strategies and strong spiritual roots so you can move forward in your work, your business, your life and your home with confidence and grace

✦ enjoy the relief of a creative blueprint that offers practical structures & guides you like a map towards your ultimate goal

✦ ...and this is just the beginning.

Are you craving clarity? Overwhelmed with the immensity of it all? Whatever you want to heal, create, stop doing, begin or achieve, you don't have to figure it out alone.

Let's breathe some life into your wild & holy now.

Hillary Rain

Hello, you! I'm Hillary. 

Sensitive, Spirit-led, eccentric & tender. That's me, and I bring the strengths of each of these qualities to my service to you. I'm an independent holistic life coach, but really I'm a creative and spiritual mentor who walks with women through deep or intense seasons of reckoning, creation or change.

I offer emotional & spiritual life support that is grounded in the wisdom from above and practical, in-your-life-right-now resources. I work best with those who come from (or long to return to) a life of deep faith who will appreciate my spiritual approach and thoughtful creative practices. My clients tend to be luminous, humble, salt-of-the-earth dreamers, mothers, artists, or creative entrepreneurs who value meaningful, sustainable and soulful work. 

Working with me: the process

I use a mind-body-spirit-lifestyle approach to help my clients transform their lives naturally. This includes finding ways to get enough sleep, fresh air, and plenty of water while uncovering and addressing deeper layers such as fear, stuckness, not-enoughness, overwhelm, or shame.

And then we implement creative (& often unconventional) strategies that move you closer to what you really long for. Hello, living-from-the-soul! Hello, excited-to-wake-up-every-day! Hello, calling-yourself-an-artist! Hello, peace-with-your-body! Hello, freedom-from-guilt! Hello, brilliant new work-from-home business! Hello, joy! 

Let's create a holistic & spiritual field of possibility and presence.

I keep this sweet and simple for both of us. The process goes like this:

1. You need / want / long for / struggle with / _________.

(Fill in the blank with anything you'd love spiritual and creative support around, whether it's laying the foundation of your new home-based business, addressing the emotional and spiritual layers of healing your body, knowing your soul's purpose, shifting the way you see the limitations of your bank account or your home, etc.)

2. Connect with me.

Once you purchase the sessions you want (below), I'll reach out to you with the next step. This includes filling out a confidential client insight form that will help me get to know you & your goals more deeply.

3. Then we will set up our mentorship schedule & begin!

Sessions are typically held over the phone & recorded. I will ask thoughtful questions & listen deeply. I will provide feedback or insight as needed, along with creative assignments, holistic recommendations, and spiritual guidance rooted in gentle Christian philosophy and scripture. 

Important note: I am not a doctor or mental health professional. Life coaching & mentorship services are designed to complement, not replace, medical & mental health professionals. Please visit a doctor or specialist for health care & treatment of physical, emotional, and psychological needs.

Quiet Light—a slow & contemplative journey for the space of a season

Three 90-minute sessions. These monthly sessions are perfect for deep, introspective work.

Deepwater—a rich and empowering leap off the deep end into everything that matters

One 90-minute focused session that delivers powerful strategies & a creative blueprint for immediate results.

Labyrinth—what could YOU accomplish in the next 30 days? 

Two different session options for a “make it happen” month. What could YOU accomplish in the next 30 days?

“She offers a warm washcloth and singing bowl of holy water to those seeking to clean themselves of shame, fear, doubt, and other entrapment.”



Just a few of the kind things others have said about working with me or experiencing my classes or creative programs...

“Hillary Rain exudes grace and authenticity in every interaction. Her unconditional support & tender guidance helped me bring deep & soul-full intention to all areas of my life. Where I felt I was lacking, she encouraged me & built me up. Her ability to provide insight & steps for subsequent actions helped me create a more beautiful life. Hillary made exploring & utilizing my creativity a truly decadent experience. She brings a magnificent sense of wonder & compassion to any situation you may face. Whether you are ready to jump right in & get started, or need someone to help excavate your dreams, working with Hillary will infuse you with Life. ” —Cassie A.

“Connecting with Hillary came at a time in my life (and business) that I was looking for spiritual guidance to live a deeper, more meaningful, creative, and feminine life. I was in need of someone to help me understand my own story better, that would help me to show up fully in the world, so that I could enjoy my life and work without fears, doubts, or guilt. And that is exactly what I got out of my time with Hillary. I came to our session without really knowing what to expect, but with a lot of questions and uncertainties. Hillary created a beautiful space for me, and worked as a guiding light to help me find more clarity, and see things from a different perspective. I absolutely loved the peacefulness that she created for me, and I felt understood, and loved. After our session Hillary sent me a workbook, and a summary of what we had talked about with some additional prompts, and activities. This helped me to get going and really made a difference. I loved everything about it. Thank you Hillary!” —Murielle Marie

“I began my journey with Hillary Rain because I decided to listen to my soul and begin a new business — the biz of my dreams. I felt like I needed a little more guidance, I needed someone to hold up a mirror and show me that I had the magic within to leap. Rain made me feel at home. Our sessions felt like talking to a best friend. After our very first call, I found confidence and clarity. After our fourth call? I was filling my calendar with clients and manifesting magic. I would not be where I am today without her magic.” —Heather M.

“You and the work changed me forever. At the time it was an AHA! I sat with it and worked on nourishing my soul and gave my physical body-obsession a vacation. As I nourished my soul, something definitely shifted big time…I mean BIG time. So now I sit in the practice of life with such gratitude that my body gifted back to the universe 30 lbs. and is still giving. When I look back at the pictures I took during our work together, I see my beauty was always there. Some of them are my favorite pictures of myself ever.” ——Lauren L.

“There is so much to discover in this beautiful course that you've created. It was inviting and full of spark and solace simultaneously. The simple process of reading the words you posted each day was like a much needed balm. And the insight provoked by the reflection questions really helped me unravel some deep deep beliefs that (even as a highly reflective person) had flown under my radar for years. As I went through the course it was obvious how much care, love and reverence you've poured into what you've offered here. There are so many potential layers to uncover in this invitation, practice & journey through living a creating life, that I can imagine the exponential value and catalytic magic that will occur for me going through it more than once. I'm so grateful for the weekly conversations that we had via phone, that both felt like several mini reunions with an long-held friend, and a gentle prodding to reconnect with the parts of myself that most bring me alive. Really truly, your faith and devotion in your own process & in the work you create is so inspiring; and just as supportive as the spirit you bring to the community and conversations that you use to hold all of us as we do this important, sometimes scary, and ultimately life giving work!” ——Elaine

“Enter in and begin to understand the treasure it is to be seen and heard by another seeker, and by the holy light that nourishes every wild + perfect creature.”

FAQs and other things...

Click each section to learn more.

  • My work is rooted in gentle Christian philosophy and scripture.

    • I want my clients to experience true & lasting change. While I offer a lush array of holistic practices, soulful & practical strategies, and nourishing assignments in my work, I believe that our lives can be deeply healed and transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit and through the love of Jesus. Sessions or assignments may include faith-based practices or rituals such as prayer, Bible study, acts of service, and more as appropriate.
  • Clients-who-feel-like-friends is a business model I love.

    • I want us both to feel comfortable and cozy, to connect well, and most of all, for YOU to receive the care and guidance you deserve. Our sessions are soulful conversations that leave you feeling strengthened, nourished, and energized, with clear steps and strategy for the work ahead. Your time and resources are valuable to me, so if I feel like I am not the best mentor to help you achieve what you're looking for, I will be honest and upfront so you can find a coach more suitable for your unique needs. 
  • Money, honey...

    • Prices and packages are subject to change without notice. Due to the nature of this work, there are no refunds. Please purchase mindfully. Follow your heart & intuition. Say a prayer of inquiry. Wait for clarity. I want you to be ready and open to all the possibility and lush potential of your soul-led life. Please understand that the cost of the sessions reserves my one-on-one time, energy, creativity and other resources. My heart, compassion, warmth, love, tenderness, faith and guidance are abundantly given with great joy and without price.
  • What is next...

    • Once you purchase your sessions I will invite you to answer a series of beautiful, heart-opening questions. Please complete these questions within 48 hours.
  • I am not the right mentor or guide for you if:

    • want the ABCs, 1-2-3s to an enormous bank account want to be the next hot celebrity entrepreneur want instant results without doing the work are uncomfortable with my personal values or expressions of faith. While I am respectful, gentle and non-bible-thumpy, my spirituality is the foundation of my life. prefer a crack-the-whip coach & approach...
  • I am the perfect mentor or guide for you if:

    • are willing to commit to your life, your business, your health, and your dream understand the importance of healing the foundations of things before we begin to build. (Me & God can help you do both!) appreciate someone who is highly-sensitive, empathic, genuine, will roll up her sleeves and dig into the dirt with you, and will pray for you on her own time... 

5 reasons why you'll LOVE working with me...

Whatever you need right now, let me be a soft place to land. Come into my caravan by the River. It's a little creaky, but it's safe and warm. I'll light a fire, make the coffee, stir the soup, light the incense, and prop you up with pillows. And then we'll dive in... 

 I will fiercely protect & champion your vision. Even when you want to dive under the covers and quit. (We all have those days.)

✦ I will infuse hope-scented bursts of fresh light & breathe-ability to your projects & goals so your work feels easeful, pleasurable and luscious again. We all need a little s p a c e sometimes. Especially our dream roots. Spread out, sink in. (There's a reason “spacious” begins with “spa.”) 

✦ I will ask illuminating questions that keep you oriented to the North Star of your Purpose. (Goodbye burnout, spinning wheels, and overwhelm! Hello, steady flow of energy, actually finishing what you started, and changing lives!)

✦ Together, we'll brainstorm through your obstacles and find life-giving, creative solutions to whatever holds you back, keeps you stuck, or terrifies you about showing up in your shining vulnerable truth. You are not alone! You can do your sacred work, and I'm here to help.

✦  I will be the sister who reminds you to get up from your chair, where you've been hunched over for six hours writing, and move your body. I will be the doula who rubs your feet and massages warm lavender oil into your back when the labor pains come. I will help you dig into the earth of yourself and restore your spiritual foundation. I will be a nourishing healer and kind-hearted listener and objective witness.

And this is just the beginning. Let's get your life healed & headed into the love & purpose you were made for.

Hillary Rain and all that she touches is poetry in form and function. With smoldering tenderness, she revives the spaces of one’s soul to their full succulence and holds space for transformation in reverence. She is the soft haze of familiar surroundings upon first morning sight; the fervent hush before a storm. In the still and the fury of life’s tempests she is both witness and participant. Whatever tendril of her lush soul she may share with the world, you can trust that I will be there admiring it in subliminal awe. I urge you to let her be your breath after a long pause.
— Valerie Ann