Wisdom & Wellness


Need some creative, spiritual, and holistic life support that is grounded in wisdom and powerful, in-your-life-right-now resources?


WElcome to The Wisdom Sessions!

I'm Hillary Rain, a holistic life coach and mentor for women like you—mamas & makers, designers & dreamers, writers, artists & introverted entrepreneurs who want to make a living AND a life.

The sessions:

My one-on-one mentorship sessions (held on the phone, Skype, or in person) include:

· the sacred space of connection,
· truth & tenderness,
· thoughtful questions,
· deeply intuitive listening,
· compassionate new perspectives,
· life-giving creative assignments,
· Spirit-led, intuitive guidance, 
· and more,

...tailored precisely to you, so YOU can experience the holistic wellness, meaningful work, and abundant living you were made for.

Actual results you can expect:

· massive shifts inside & out  
· clarity & empowerment
· step-by-step blueprints for growth
· soulful alignment
· unlimited wealth of resources
· know-how & courage  
· freedom, healing & abundance
· actual movement forward  
· wholeness



I. Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the issue at hand...

· clarity of purpose
· who you are and why you keep getting the same results time & time again—but they're not the ones you want
· the sneaky ways shame & fear lead to self-sabotage and regrets (& how to heal them)
· anything else that matters to you

  • + Why you need this...(click)

    • · So you can heal the roots of beliefs behind unwanted habits, mindset, outcomes, reactions, and more. No more bandaid-approach. We're going deep and gently untangling what we find.
    • · So you can make new, empowered & Spirit-filled choices that support you, your life, your wellness, your loved ones, your dreams, and your goals.
    • · To begin orienting your life to truth so you can experience clarity, growth and freedom.
    • · To harvest the rich medicine contained within everything that feels uncomfortable and painful right now so you can begin creating the life you long for.

II. Transformation in areas that matter to you and support your growth...

· beliefs & mindset
· home, heart, lifestyle
· work, money & business
· art, creativity, wellness

  • + Why you need this...

    • · For aliveness! So you can truly & fully become the wise woman / entrepreneur / artist / minister / healer / influencer / everything you were born to be.
    • · So you can use your God-given gifts with intention and purpose to make a difference in the world and bless, inspire & heal others while living a life you love.
    • · So you can experience freedom, victory and relief from pain, stress, overwhelm, fear, and shame.

III. Soulful alignment within your whole life...

· your business/work
· your choices, beliefs, habits and actions
· your daily life
· and more!

  • + Why you need this...

    • · So your energy, time, creativity, money, health, and other natural resources are protected and invested wisely.
    • · So your life is congruent with truth—no more two steps forward, once step back! Instead, you are leaping forward with the power of truth as the foundation & backbone of who you are and what you do.
    • · So you are in rhythm with your natural gifts, energy, and purpose; in harmony and integrity—not working against yourself but finding your own organic flow. Goodbye burnout and overwhelm! Hello, life I love! Hello, beautiful new morning!

IV. True abundance & creative, beauty-filled days you love...

· a fulfilling life overflowing with creative pleasure, satisfaction & joy
· luscious energy & peace
· nourishment & self-care
· abundance & aliveness

  • + Why you need this...

    • · So you have a deep, full, sweet and lush well that sustains and waters your life. No more depletion, scarcity-mindset or giving from lack.
    • · So you can be intentional, generous, gracious, luscious, and overflowing with goodness and blessing. Goodbye complacency, settling & hoarding! Hello, gorgeous delight!
    • · So you can understand and *actually experience* true abundance & a rich life.
    • · So you can be a river woman—deep, flowing, nurturing, trusting, open, creative & wildly alive.

The Wisdom Sessions